Guidelines – Procedure of a laboratory experiment in the KD²Lab

Experiments can be conducted in the KD2Lab upon request. You find an overview of available laboratory equipment on our website or in the manual of the KD2Lab.

Experiments in the KD2Lab are composed of five steps: contact, registration, briefing and pre-test, experiment, post-briefing. We provide a checklist for experimenters describing each step briefly and listing required documentation.

Please read the guideline (PDF-Download) for experimenting in the KD²Lab before registration. If you have any questions, please contact us.

All documents you will find here. (intranet only)


As part of the institute of economic sciences, we are bound to ethical guidelines of KIT. Any experiment carried out in the KD2Lab must adhere to the ethical guidelines of KIT. They are available for download here:


Please provide the following documents with your request:

http://www.kd2lab.kit.edu/. Included are: Registration form (german) and Conditions of use (german).

After receiving your request, we will contact you within two weeks.

Check list

  • Conditions of use are read and fully understood
  • Experiment adheres to ethical guidelines
  • Registration form filled in completely       

      Date of submission ______. ______  


After receiving and verifying your request, we will set up a schedule suggestion for your projectand reserve the laboratory for you.

Check list

  • Received a schedule for the experiment

  • Responsible contact person: ________________________________


It is obligatory to conduct a pre-test at least two weeks prior to the actual experiment. The pre-test serves to detect any issues in experimental software or set-up with ample margins to fix them, thus avoiding re-scheduling of experiment sessions.

If it is your first time carrying out an experiment in KD2Lab, it is obligatory to participate in a laboratory briefing at least two weeks prior to the actual experiment. We recommend scheduling the briefing along with the pre-test.  Please also refer to the KD2Lab manual with regard to experimental procedures and recommendations.

Check list

  • Obligatory: Appointment for pre-test: ______. ______   at ______. ______  o'clock
  • Manual read and understood

   If needed:

  • Appointment for laboratory briefing ______. ______   at ______. ______   o'clock


Please note that subjects from our experiment pool must be compensated with an average wage of 10-15 Euro per hour. On our website we provide receipt form templates and accounting sheets. After the experiment, please send copies of the  accounting sheet to team∂kd2lab.kit.edu. Please note that you are responsible to keep the experiment cabins in a clear and impeccable condition.

Check list

  • Collect subject receipts and cubicle numbers (if used for seating)      
  • Experiment cabins are clean and impeccable
  • Clean up reception area and laboratory
  • Remove attached routing signs
  • Hand out accounting sheet and copies of receipts to your contact person



We appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on KD2Lab at any time. We will be happy to schedule an evaluation meeting with you after your successfully conducted experiment. Please take the time to fill out our brief evaluation form and send it to your kd2lab∂iism.kit.edu. The evaluation form can be found on our website.

Check list