Rules for participation and procedure

To participate in KD²Lab experiments, you need to register online. After you are registered, you will receive invitations to KD²Lab experiments. You can decide with each invitation whether you want to participate.

Employees of the KIT Faculty of Economics are excluded from participation. Multiple registrations are not permitted.

Payment of participants

When you participate in experiments, you are usually paid by bank transfer or cash. The amount paid out may depend on your own decisions or the decisions of other experiment participants.

Rules for participating in experiments:

  • To participate in experiments, you must be registered in the ORSEE system. For each experiment, a certain number of registered people receive an invitation by email.
  • Once you have received an invitation to an experiment, you must send a positive reply in order to be registered in the experiment. This response is a binding commitment to participate in that experiment.
  • For each experiment, more participants will be invited than needed. Those who sign up first will participate in the experiment. If you have been invited and are present on time, but could not participate due to technical problems of the lab, you will be compensated for your appearance.
  • Punctual appearance is mandatory. You are required to arrive at the laboratory as indicated on the invitation letter at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the experiment.
  • For each experiment, you should plan to spend at least as much time as was specified in the invitation letter. However, the experiment director may end an experiment before the time is up.
  • If you have agreed to participate in an experiment but do not show up or show up late, you may jeopardize the experiment's completion. In such cases, your profile will receive a negative rating. The experiment management reserves the right to no longer invite participants with too many negative ratings to experiments.
  • If you have bindingly registered for an experiment, you can only cancel your participation by giving an important reason up to a maximum of 24 hours before the start of the experiment.
  • In some experiments, webcam, audio or neurophysiological data such as eye-tracking data or your pulse will be collected. Whether such data will be collected is intentionally not always made known in the invitation.

By registering to participate in KD²Lab experiments, you agree to the rules listed above.