Experiment participation




Register online for participating in experiments at the Department of Economics and Management (KIT). With your registration, you consent to following the rules of participation (see below) and receiving invitation mails to experiments. Please make sure that your email address is valid and up-to-date. In case of technical issues with your registration, please do not register multiple times but contact us at team∂kd2lab.kit.edu.

Prior to taking part an actual experiment, you will be given a written statement by the experimental assistant in which you agree to follow the rules of participation.

Members of the Department of Economics and Management (KIT) are excluded from participating in experiments.



The participants are usually paid for in cash. The amount of the payment depends from your decision and actions during the experiment.


Please notice the following rules of participation:

  • For each experiment a fixed number of people is invited by email. You are not allowed to take part in an experiment if you did not get the email from the official experiment managment.
  • After receiving the invitation, you have to confirm the invitation. If you confirm the invitation this is a binding commitment to participate in the experiment.
  • If you confirm the invitation this is a binding commitment to participate in the experiment.
  • The invitation is time dependent. The first persons, who confirm the invitation can register to a session of an experiment. If you confirmed the invitation and are a registered participant and the experiment can not be conducted, you will receive a compensation.
  • Each participant has to arrive punctually and has to appear 15 minutes before each experiment in the laboratory. Please take you enough time for each experiment under consideration of the indicated time in the invitation.
  • If you know that you will be late for an appointment, be sure to phone ahead and give a plausible excuse, at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Please notice that your delay will also delay the whole experiment and your missing will be logged in your profil. If you often miss an experiment you will not be invited again.

If you sign for participation you agree to the above mention rules.