History of the KD²Lab

Opening of the KD²Lab

The DFG-funded Karlsruhe Decision & Design Lab (KD²Lab) in the heart of Karlsruhe is one of the largest computer-based experimental laboratories worldwide. With its excellent infrastructure for economic, neuro- and psycho-physiological experiments in a highly controlled environment, it offers optimal conditions for interdisciplinary and internationally recognized cutting-edge research, especially in the fields of human decision behavior, human-machine interaction and social interaction.

The lab has two technically and spatially separated laboratory areas with 40 soundproof and air-conditioned computer cabins, two large team rooms for conducting group experiments, and a Virtual and Augmented Reality Lab.

In 2009, the idea for the KD²Lab was already born in the course of research work by Christof Weinhardt, Marc T.P. Adam and Tanja Schultz.



Christoph Weinhardt

(spokesperson of the DFG-project)


Marc T.P. Adam


Tanja Schultz

(Deputy spokesperson of the DFG-project)


Together with the research groups of Professors Albers, Ehrhart, Ebner-Priemer, Puppe, Satzger, Seifert and Stork and Dr. Hey, the KD²Lab was successfully submitted to the DFG. With the support of the DFG, KIT and the state of Baden-Württemberg, physiological measurement equipment (eye trackers, Bioplux devices, etc.) could now be purchased. Furthermore, the KD²Lab could be housed in central premises at Karlsruhe's Kronenplatz. After several years of construction, the official opening ceremony took place in April 2016.

With the appointment of Marc Adam to the University of Newcastle (Australia), Verena Dorner and Jella Pfeiffer took over laboratory management and project coordination from August 2014, while Jadon Herrmann became head of technology.



Verena Dorner


Jella Pfeiffer


Jadon Herrmann


The team and DFG project speaker Christof Weinhardt would like to thank the KD²Lab partners for their active help during the planning and construction phase and wish them happy and successful experimenting in the new lab!


Former team members

Name Occupation Employee period
Prof. Dr. Verena Dorner Laboratory management 2014-2020
Felix Andres Technology 2017-2020
Pascal Makowski Technology 2016-2019
Dr. Martin Schmidt Laboratory management 2015-2018
Dr. Dominik Jung Support 2015-2018
Prof. Dr. Jella Pfeiffer Laboratory management 2014-2018
Sebastian Englert Technology 2014-2017