KD²Lab research projects

The following projects were carried out in cooperation with the KD²Lab.


In addition to KD²Ex, the platform wir-forschen.digital was established - a platform which is independent (but empowered) by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and available to the general public, allowing participants to get directly involved and immerse themselves in research.

Click here to access the main page of "wir-forschen.digital": https://wir-forschen.digital/


Digital Citizen Science

Citizen Science is a form of research in which the general public is involved in the entire research process and can actively contribute. Such research takes place entirely within a digital framework and goes beyond the student panel of the KD²Lab. This new extended ecosystem is called KD²Ex (Karlsruhe Decision and Design Experimentation Ecosystem).

Click here to learn more about the Digital Science @KD²LabEx research: https://digitalcitizenscience.kd2lab.kit.edu/



As a publicly sponsored and neutrally coordinated program, the KD²School opens up a research field that is at present primarily “investigated” with profit-oriented or political goals.

Click here, to learn more about the KD²School: https://kd2school.info/