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BVP (Blood Volume Pressure)

The bvp works with photoplethysmography. With this method the skin is irradiated by infrared light whose reflected fraction allows to draw conclusions on the subject’s pulse rate and oxygen saturation.



ECG (Electrocardiography)

The surface-electrocardiogram measures and records the electrical activity of the myocardium over a period of time. It then presents them as a series of successive typical wave forms. Hence one obtains a visual representation of the cardio arousal processes.

(We have plux and movisens devices.)

You can find an instruction for the device here.


EDA (Elec­­trodermal Activity)

EDA sensors measure the electrical conductivity of the skin. Emotions and stress are associated with physiological arousal, which affects the electrical conductivity of the skin. Hence this is an objective method to measure the subject’s unconscious reactions.

(We have plux and movisens devices.)

You can find an instruction for the device here.

Chest Strap

With two integrated skin electrodes the chest strap measures the heart rate of a subject. For this purpose a film of moisture between the skin and the electrodes is essential.



EEG (Electroencephalography)

The electroenzephalogram is a device to determine the electrical voltage variations of the brain and to present them graphically. Those voltage variations are measured on the skull surface. Special hoods with integrated adapters are used to ensure the best possible contact of the electrodes to the skin.



Eye Tracking is a method to record the way a person perceives his or her visual environment. With the use of infrared technology eye movements like fixations are recognized to gain qualitative or quantitative insights into the visual behaviour. The gained insights can be used to draw conclusions about the person’s cognitive and decision making processes.

The laboratory provides external and mobile eye tracking systems. The mobile systems are featured with glasses. For external systems the cameras and several infrared sources are permanently positioned in front of the subject.

You can find an instruction for the device here.

EMG (Electromyography)

The surface electromyography is applied to measure electrical muscle activity. In contrast to the intramuscular EMG (with a needle) no conclusions on single muscle fibres can be drawn. This method allows conclusions on whole muscles or muscle groups only.