Factors for performance differences in cooperative and  competitive serious games

The relevance of digital gaming has increased, especially as a tool to achieve a specific purpose (e.g. serious games). Whereas literature suggests that performance differences could depend on a number of contextual, personality-related and internal factors; it remains to be examined how these impact game performance. We hence examine the influence of these factors on game performance in two contexts: social settings (cooperative and competitive) and gender formation (male-male and female-female). Participants played a pattern recognition game repeatedly in a controlled laboratory experiment.  We herewith highlight the importance of these factors for game performance, and transfer the findings to an organizational context.

Contact Information

Anuja Hariharan


  • Skin Conductance Response, Heart Rate, EEG of 156 participants


  • Hariharan, A.; Dorner, V.;Adam, M.T.P. 2016
    Impact of cognitive workload and emotional arousal on performance in cooperative and competitive interactions forthcoming in Proceedings Gmunden Retreat on NeuroIS 2016
  • Hariharan, A., Dorner, V., Adam, M.T.P. Understanding factors for performance differences in cooperative and competitive serious games, working paper.