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Where the host is part of the deal: Social and economic value in the platform economy.
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Intelligent Invocation: Towards Designing Context-Aware User Assistance Systems Based on Real-Time Eye Tracking Data Analysis.
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We see we disagree: Insights from Designing a Cooperative Requirements Prioritization System [to be published].
Rietz, T.; Schneider, F.
2020. Proceedings of the 28th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2020) Volltext Volltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
Measuring Service Encounter Satisfaction with Customer Service Chatbots using Sentiment Analysis.
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The Impact of Chatbot Response Time on Human-Chatbot Interaction: Novice versus Experienced Users [in press].
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Acceptance of Imagined Versus Experienced Virtual Reality Shopping Environments: Insights from Two Experiments.
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How to motivate consumers to test electric vehicles : An approach to design consumer interfaces to foster innovation adoption.
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“The Chatbot is typing …” – The Role of Typing Indicators in Human-Chatbot Interaction.
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BrownieR - The R-Package for Neuro Information Systems Research.
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Got Flow? Using Machine Learning on Physiological Data to Classify Flow.
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A Decision Support System Design to Overcome Resistance towards Sustainable Innovations.
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